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Community Recipes

Here are awesome healthy recipes from fellow FitMenCook’s and FitWomenCook’s from around the world. Diets should be enjoyable and a normal extension of your everyday life. No crash diets. Just healthy lifestyles. See how others are accomplishing fitness and health goals by “making food fun.”

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Red Wine Does Not Make You Sexy Or Burn Calories, Sorry

Editor’s note: Article by Guest blogger Mandi Gelsen, ISSA Certified Personal Trainer — The TRUTH on the Health Benefits of Red Wine—or Lack There of: “One Glass of Red Wine is Equivalent to an Hour in the Gym” “Is Red Wine Actually Good for You” “4 Health Benefits of Red Wine” Yes, my friends. You know you’ve

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  • How to Eat Your Eight Glasses of Water

    Editor’s note: Article by our friends over at FanBread — If you’re into health and fitness, chances are you have a designated water bottle or two, that you keep by your side for any work-out. It hydrates you before you hit the trail and quenches your thirst when that hundredth and one squat has you

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  • Don’t Ever Stretch Your Hamstrings! (Unless You Read This)

    Guest post by Jason Parsons Every time I see someone bent over doing a hamstring stretch, a tiny tear forms in the corner of my eye.  No, it isn’t because my allergies are acting up again or because I just chopped up some onions.  You see, this tiny tear was born from the following: Sadness, because I

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  • The Benefits of High-Intensity Interval Training

    Editor’s note: Article by Guest blogger Justin Zipprich __ High-intensity interval training (HIIT) is a method of exercise in which an individual quickly alternates between short and intense anaerobic exercise and much calmer recovery periods. Studies have shown that individuals who train using intervals have lost weight, and have also improved their metabolism and vastly improved their

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  • Detox with Water after the Holidays

    After eating pretty heavy over the holidays, I like to drink water throughout the day – WITH my other meals – to help with detoxifying the body.  I have posted about infused waters before.  They are a great way to pump your body with vitamins and minerals, while also helping with detox. Lemon helps with digestion and boosts your

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    Story of FitMenCook Sweet Potato Sliders

    Here’s the story behind my sweet potato sliders! Huge thanks to American Express for allowing me to share this story. The same energy and excitement I feel when exercising is matched every time I step into the kitchen to try a new recipe. In both places I “train” hard and look for creative ways to

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  • Time Saving Chicken Meal Prep

    If you’re trying to prepare nearly all of your meals in advance, variety will be critical so that you do not deviate from your diet and actually eat the food you spent all that time preparing.  To help guard against “diet fatigue,” I recommend prepping 2 -3 flavors of chicken each week.  Here’s how I do it

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  • Chicken Mole with a side of mexican quinoa and summer salad

    I served up chicken mole with a side of quinoa and a summer salad.  See instructions, ingredients, and steps for my meal below. Chicken Mole: I just followed Kevin’s recipe for the chicken mole which can be found here: http://fit.xdemos.co/healthy-chocolate-chicken-mole-meal-prep/    

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  • First time doing meal prep! Inspired by Fitmencook’s $75 program

    Grocery List: tomato paste (16oz) 10 instant oatmeal packets smooth peanut butter (500g) box of pasta wheat shells 12 large eggs mozzarella cheese shredded (340g) frozen mixed veg (750g) 3 red delicious apples green zucchini bundle asparagus 1 red onion 2 avocado 3 red tomatoes 3 bell peppers 1 kg sweet potato 3 lb chicken

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  • Stacked Caprese Salad

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  • Tilapia Stuffed Avocado

    I recreated this fitmencook recipe and it turned out great.  These are extremely filling!  I will definitely be making these again soon!  Try it out! http://fit.xdemos.co/tilapia-stuffed-avocado-with-black-beans-corn/ My Instagram Profile: http://instagram.com/eyoungfit

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  • BBQ Bison & Sweet Potato Sliders

    I recreated the recipe below using lean ground bison.  These are extremely tasty and easy to make!  No more buns! Washed them down with some homemade strawberry lemonade (Blended half a cup of lemonade and 6 large strawberries). http://fit.xdemos.co/bbq-turkey-sweet-potato-sliders-with-spinach/ My Instagram Profile: http://instagram.com/eyoungfit

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  • Ground Chicken & Vegetables

    Recipe is for 1/2 a serving

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  • BBQ Salmon Pizza on Naan

    I recreated the fitmencook recipe blow and it’s by far on of my new favorite things to make. I’d recommend this recipe for all! http://fit.xdemos.co/bbq-salmon-pizza/ My Instagram Profile: http://instagram.com/eyoungfit

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  • Coconut Curry Chicken

    I recreated the below fitmencook recipe and it turned out amazing.  Definitely worth a try! http://instagram.com/p/ppfVEYlDfF/ My Instagram Profile: http://instagram.com/eyoungfit

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  • Quinoa & Chicken Stuffed Bell Peppers

    This is my recreation of the recipe below.  It turned out great so I suggest you try it! http://fit.xdemos.co/quinoa-chicken-stuffed-bell-peppers/ My Instagram Profile: http://instagram.com/eyoungfit

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  • Fruit and Chicken Salad

    Recipe is for 2 servings, so eat one half and save the rest for later!

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  • Oven-Baked Protein & Oat Cake

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  • Jalapeno Turkey Burgers with Sweet Potato Fries & Salad

    Jalapeno Turkey Burgers with Sweet Potato Fries and Side Salad by The Kitcheneer   Blog URL: The Kitcheneer Instagram: http://instagram.com/thekitcheneer Twitter:https://twitter.com/the_kitcheneer Pinterest: http://www.pinterest.com/TheKitcheneer/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Kitcheneer/1554379628121388

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